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While waiting for the first HariDairy to finish uploading(Somehow it’s really slow) I started write today’s dairy
#HariDairy today: Thursday, November 3rd 2016
After writing the first dairy, while uploading it I managed time to write this, actually it’s because I just too scared to sleep
I started write this at 1:40 and I want to sleep now but I can’t. Until 3 in the morning I still awake, so I can’t excercise today.
I woke up at 5:30 because of my alarm, but once I solve the math problem, I felt asleep
I woke up again at 7:30 and watching some YouTube videos until 8. Then my friend An told me that we have group task to do today. I got showering earlier today. Then at 8:50 I go to An’s house
There we struggling to ask what our task is(Yes we forgot our task)
After some examination and analysis all of our friends info, we finally decided what we have to make -,-
We(I, Anan and Sanjay) struggling making the presentation and the report(Actually Sanjay is just watching vids)
And you know what? While I am really busy, one of my friend ask me to help him, his name is Hen. He bbm me over and over, but I really busy so just ignore him(I told him that I busy first, I never completely ignoring something btw)
Then.. he came … -_- yeah he came here and ask me… Fortunately I already done most of the presentation, so I have just enough time to help him
He tell me that his Windows just updated and now his lepi can’t find any WiFi… By that info I directly know the problem, his lepi’s Wifi driver
I opened Device Manager re-enabled the driver and then … it solved the problem…
Shortly I feel so hungry, and Sanjay offer me to eat at his favorite food place
I rapidly finish the presentation(Not the best, I don’t have enough time… and my lepi is still broken at home) then go to the food place
On the way to the restaurant(?) Sanjay show off what a Kawasaki Ninja can do… I pretty impressed btw… but I’m not really into big motorcycle, I love my Vario cuz its feature…
Skip skip… we both(I and Sanjay) eat noodle there which is really tasty. Unfortunately for Sanjay, he need to poop -,- so he excuse me and go home
I’m alone there, but who cares, I order one more porsion with meatball now… And I just need to pay 20K for that, tasty and cheap… NICE!
Then I go home, make my other homework(at 12, just one more hour to go to school) then take a shower again, wear my uniform and go to school at about 1 pm
I’m in good mood today, my mind is going fast but still my concentration is really really bad, and somehow I’m not really confident today(And all the day since the 3 weeks event)
Somehow I managed to get some confident and concentration so I can answer one difficult question in Math session
And you know what? The teacher that gave my group task(The presentation that we talked about earlier) is not at school, so the presentation that we made just being a waste of time…(Not really, it’s still useful)
Then my English teacher switch the session, so we can go home earlier…
Btw I really proud of this English teacher… He inspired me in some ways…
After the English session, I actually want to go straight home, but we have one more task
I did most of the task at school but because most of my friends already went home, I followed them, I went home at 7(Actually I can go home at 5, if I just make the task at home, but making homework is not one of my favorite things todo) but before I finished the task I went home
The photo I took before I took it apart

My medal from my Junior High School
One of my greget picture with family(And Sang Mangku)
When I get home, the first thing I do is, cleaning my room, cracking open my computer, taught my sister to use lepi, and SOMEHOW repair my lepi(How?! I don’t know, I just smashed it, and it works?!)
Then the rain started falling, and I want to get sleep ASAP, but instead of sleep, I write this dairy… -,-
Btw now I use two lepi, my Acer Aspire One for writing this, and my Acer Aspire V5 for YouTube(What a waste of power)
Btw today my USeeTV is having problem, my internet is unstable, and I feel De Javu while writing the above paragraph
Hari Diary 2, FINISH at 10:47 PM

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