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Ok, it’s already 3 days I don’t post to this blog(Where is my commitment?! -,- ) sorry I was down because when I writing my post 3 days ago, the automatic draft saving feature of wordpress is broken(!!!!)
Usually when I feel tired, I left the wordpress tab and watch some YouTube… but accidentally I closed the wordpress tab, at first I don’t worry to much, but when I open the post again, nothing is saved there… The draft is either not saved or deleted
So I was down… Why don’t just rewrite it again? Because that was a really long post, and if I rewrite it again, I think the feel is not the same again… So past 3 days… and yesterday, my birthday is so boring. And because so boring, I want to make post about it
I started my day at 10(Don’t judge me, it’s Sunday) then I watch a lot YouTube videos until 1, then I eat some food and sleep a little bit, at 3(I suppose to go to school, but School at Sunday? You gotta kidding me), then I watch YouTube video until 6 then I go biking outside, I go to all my old school, some of my friend’s home(I just pass their home) and then go back
At home, Dep bbm me, he asked me do I want  a kitten(Of course I do!) but my family forbid me, then unfortunately I have to refuse him :'(
Then I watch some YouTube video, play War Commander, and meditate at 11 then felt asleep
Eaps… that’s all -,- my boring holiday + my boring birthday
Yeah, a lot of my friend congrats me via social media… I thank them, but still… my birthday still boring
And the only surprise is I met my ex, and the only gift is from my younger sister, I feel bad to myself
Btw, when I went home at 7:30, I met my ex-girlfriend on the way home… My heart suddenly felt again -,- … You know what make my hearth felt? She become my girlfriend exactly today 1 year ago -,- …
She became my girlfriend at my birthday last year(Which is incredible), and I met her again when she became my ex at my birthday…
What a really weird coincidence, but give me some hope… and a freakin hearth attack -,-

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