My ability to feel something annoying gonna happen #HariDiary1

Today is Wednesday, November 2nd 2016
Hi my name is Hari Anugrah and I want to start a new thing in this blog
I want to make somekind of self-observation, I want to observe about what I do in a day and how it affect my next day(Including the dream)
Actually I want to make it private, but since I have a blog why don’t put the observation there 
I woke up at 2 in the morning but I don’t remember much what I did, all I remember is I get rid of something on my bed(Perhaps my lepi and phone) and then felt asleep again
I woke up again at about 6 in the morning, and because I use Alarmy I have to solve Math problem in ordet to dismiss the alarm(See? This is why I don’t like Math and even before I fully awake I have to solve medium math problem).
Somehow I solve the math problem, with a lot of trial error. If I fully awake I think I can solve it more easily. However and somehow I felt asleep again… I forget that I want to excercise this morning… Shit…
I woke up again at 9 and as usuals I played my phone, open Instagram and YouTube then wasting my time watching LinusTechTips vids (It’s not actually wasting my time, it is actually useful… I watch some Computer building relative videos)
And somehow the time is already at 10, I planned to learn Biology now, but somehow I remember that my history group should store our task today. I told my friend(AW) to do it yesterday, but since I think he must forgot it, I bbm him… I gave him how the report should looks like and where is the source(Our book, we copy and paste from the pdf)
Meanwhile, I started to read my religion pdf book. I learn about Veda and Upaveda but, I have no material-structure so it’s really hard to learn
Then the time already at 12 and I started showering. It’s 12:45 now I pack my book and then go to smanichi at 1 pm
In the religion session, it’s really hard time because we have some math infecting the religion, why math
why?! Why you infecting everything?! 
Pass the Indonesian session, nothing interesting happen
And then biology session, the teacher is already inside my class but I still talk to anjay. The teacher gave our task task and I don’t hear it(I still talking with my friend  )
To make the teacher feel that I already inside the class I ask a question that suddenly popped up inside my mind,

Can a viruses infect bacteria?

The teacher notice that I don’t know he gave us task and he talk loudly to me(Not angry) but seriously sir, I really curious about it(I love random science)
Btw the task is to remember bacteria that helps us and harmfuk bacteria, each 10
Shit… I can’t concentrate this entire day and I have to remember 20 latin name(with their benefit/harm)?! Shit… and more, remembering something(especially name and latin word) is one of the most difficult thing that I can’t do
Skip skip skip…
Yhe teacher gave us 20 minutes to read our book and then we have sudden exam(after 3 weeks of not learning )
Then I go home, at home I talk about my spp and my broken lepi to my family… Then my sister ask me to design her a shirt, but I can’t since my lepi is broke and other lepi in my home(except my brothers) is not powerful enough to run Illustrator
Skip skip, my brother ask me to help him with his html website task(yes I good at this kind of task)
Skip skip, I open my computer that broken as well(I have 2 broken comps and one not powerful notebook inside my room right now) and tried to repair it, but fails
Then I watch random videos and felt asleep again
I woke up again at 12 midnight, and somehow an idea popped i side my head about making diary and see how my morning activity affect my school(evening, shit) and night time
But before I started to write something, I meditate 2 sessions with Calm app (My first meditation as long as I can remember, I still wondering how I popped up with this idea), then I open my wordpress via phone and wrote this post, and it’s 1:28 right now so I have to end this already long post
Interesting thing
  1. Somehow I want to learn Biology in the morning without any purpose(But I still don:t study cuz I have religion task) and I got sudden exam in the evening. Like somehow I know that I will get this exam in the morning…
  2. A lot ideas popped up in my head in the midnight including this kind of post
  3. I got a little motivation for learning in the morning, somehow…
  4. I remember most of my day(therefor I write it here)
  5. I can’t concentrate all day long(Perhaps because my bad wake up and sleep ryhtm)
Diary 1, 2 Nov 2016 finished

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