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Hari Dairy: Monday November 7th 2016
Wew, really hard to stay consistent… but who cares… just do it
So I don’t remember much about today, but… I started my day at 5:30, actually I want to go for some workout, but (as always) I felt asleep
When I sleep, I know that I’m dreaming(Whenever I felp asleep in the morning, I always dreaming, and I think I remember most of them, but not today)
Then I woke up again at 7, and watching some YouTube videos, I think I addicted to watching video, I need to fix this…
Still in the morning(I don’t remember for exact), one of my friend, Age ask me for help, she ask to borrow my laptop charger, at first I’m not agree, but then I remember I have two of them so then I agreed with her, she want to go to my house… but since it’s still too morning, and fortunately I actually want to go outside to buy Sate(But too lazy)
And since now I have a reason to go, I then go to Age’s house and give her my charger… Actually I want to buy sate(Food), but unfortunately, my motorcycle gasses is starting to run out… So I had to bought gasses instead… shit…
Then I went home… and continue my laziness …
Then while worrying about my Geography group task(Which I don’t know) I still watch video
And at 10, I started to learn physics cuz I have exam today… really hard cuz we only have one day studying at school and I just have 2 hours to re-learn everything… btw I think I don’t learn much at school, not because I’m not listening but because the teacher…
I learn really hard, but still… I really worried about this exam, actually I won’t go to school… but again, who cares…
After a hour learning, I ask my friend about our chemistry homework(Which I don’t know how to do) and Hen(Actually Sit) gave me the answer
At 12, as usual I take a shower then go to school at 1
At school I started to ask my friends again about this exam, and all of my friends(That I asked) don’t know much about the material -,- Yeah, I too btw
Then, the physics teacher come to the class, my class surprised cuz the we didn’t even Tri Sandhya(Praying) but, we just move on… We pray in the heart btw
There are only 3 questions(Lesser is worse btw), and I don’t know how to solve even one of them -_- … but somehow my logic can solve number one question, while struggling with number 3(Which is look a lot easier, but because I don’t know how to solve, it’s a lot harder)
Then my physics teacher switched place with someone that I don’t really know(Picket teacher perhaps)… and allow us to look to our book
Unfortunately, our 2013 physics books is really useless… At least for these three questions…
Skip skip… I managed to finish all the questions, with my own logic(And a little help by my friend :v )
Then chemistry sessions, nothing really interesting happened, as well as the geography sessions…
Then school time ended, I, arya, gal and anjay agreed to gather at our basecamp… there we(Actually gal and anjay) play PES17, and I just watching some video… :3 yeah, I really addicted
Then we go home, at home I pray because today is my dinan then after it, I discuss with my father about the lag of me at study(Because my school is just really busy) and we agreed that I join Primagama(Learning company, kind a Kumon, but better)
There I and my father went to Primagama(At 8 -_-) then, of couse no employee there, just a couple of my friend making our history group task…
Then I split with my father, my father goes directly home and I bought some food(Sate :v) and then went home
Btw one of my friend got accident today, monik… hope her the best…

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