The Little Seed | Story

Hi, Hari Anugrah here
And I want to told you a story
A story about a little seed
Once, there were a lot of tree
Then, they cutted down
None of them left
Decade of decade already passed
And now, a family go there expecting for vacation
But they really disappointed
The forest that were there
Has already gone
Their kid
Who was eating beans
Who really waiting for this vacation, Cries
The family go back home with sad face on their faces
Wait, I don’t want bad ending for my first story
And I think the story is too short
Let’s give some beautiful touch on the story
The beans that were eaten by the kid
Fall to the ground
But still, decades of being bald make the ground too dry for the beans
The kid’s tears, make the beans wet
The beans now transform into seeds
Days of days of weeks passed
The seeds is growing into tree
But that’s not easy
The ground is still too dry for it
But fortunately
Someone on the road see the little tree
He give it some of his water
The little tree really thanks him
Month of month of years passed
Now the little tree already became a big tree
Now it’s ready for its new job

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