Dear Myself in 3 Years

Hey Hari, do your really read this letter 3 years after you write it? I don’t really sure about that though :v . But I still hope you read it and remember your #story You know, I really curious how you will be looks like, how you will be sounds like, and I know you must be curious why I write this letter right? Just relax I will explain it to you Do you remember Arya Wiguna? Just kidding, there’s no way you can forget that gamer. He just showed me a video of choir on youtube that he really liked, and do you still remember?
He showed it in our break time, doesn’t he know we were so thirsty? Although, it was really grateful he showed it to me, cuz he inspired me to watch a Japan’s Drama named Have a Song on Your Lips(2015) and it was a great, the story isn’t that good compare to a lot drama that you have watched this long, or your long maybe, you must be already watched lots and lots more drama than me, I mean 3 years… You watched a lot anime in that range of time

Wew, I can’t believe it’s already 1 month since I started writing this letter, is it because of MPLS? hmm nope MPLS is already over when I started writing this letter. Soukha! I was too busy of homework, THOUSANDS OF THEM, every single day that I don’t really have time to do anything else
Really? I think not, I know I was really busy but I am Hari Anugrah I can do anything that I wanted to! I can develop an app and publish it in Google Play Store :v, that really mean something to me. My very first app that I published since I learning programming about 5 years ago
Nonetheless I have to sacrifice lot of thing, such as time, and much more…
Dear myself in 3 years, do you have enough time to sleep? I hope you do cuz I always feel tired every morning, I hope you can manage your time better than me
Dear myself in 3 years, do you still watch anime? Don’t you remember that I love anime back when I was junior high school? These days I don’t really watch anime, I think I already watched most of the best anime that make me have no more anime to watch… except this season’s anime, which is not that lot, I think I just watch Re:Zero kara Hajimeru this season… fuh…
Dear myself in 3 years, how many apps do you already develop and publish? Me? I only publish one apps, which is Hari Chemistry. Owh yeah! How Hari Chemistry going? Does it running well? I hope so, keep your spirit on myself!
Dear myself in 3 years, do you still feel weird when you at home, when you can’t help your grandparent cuz you don’t have enough time during the day? I do, this feels suck, I feel awkward when I want to go outside, really weird…
Dear myself in 3 years, have you finished all the project that we made? I hope you finished at least most of our projects, but since… when you 10th grade most of your time consumed by homeworks, when you 11th grade I don’t know but when 12th grade you must be busy of final exam… I think we can’t do much… but do your best Hari!!!
I don’t know what to ask next… but I think I will ask you more questions so I decided to make more of this kind of story… see ya myself…

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