Again, Stress… First Time Syndrome Debate Edition

Wew… I think it just about 4 to 5 months ago I stressed out because a foreigner came visit my house FOR THE FIRST TIME, and now I get the same feeling again. Not exactly the same, this one is easier, I think… I hope
So I just turning into a Senior High School Student at SMA Negeri 1 Bangli, and I enter, some group and extras. One of them is Debate
Debate is real fun btw, especially cuz my senior is easy to be friend with… but I have a problem. The problem is I selected to participate at AVICENA, some kind of competition, I selected to join the Indonesian Debate one…
Ok that is not really a problem though, I mean they gave me a chance to participate in a real debate right? But this will be my very first REAL DEBATE, the competition take time on 3rd September 2016, I wrote this story at 30th August 2016… So I just have 4 days left… which is NOT A LOT
I already attend most of the training, and I already figured out how to debate(Not 100%, just half maybe) that is the problem… my team is not really experienced for competition, Why? Cuz this will be the first time! We don’t even know the mechanism of the upcoming debate, my senior said that we will selected first by using some kind of test, and if we pass… We can join the debate(We prefer to my team btw, I, Deoming and Agek)
More than the lack of experience, the theme of debate is Biodiversity, which is insane… The theme is not in my range, I can’t memorize lot of things, especially name -,- …
My team is still not harmonize, we still don’t know how each others think… And it must take long time before we do, but we can’t cuz the competition will start soon… -,-
If we have lots time, we can train together and be better… But cuz my school activity is really busy! We just can’t
Tons of homework(Really), tons of groupwork, tons of test, tons of problem… and much more. I attend school at midday, when I really tired, and the evening must be really sleepy… Especially I have to do groupwork in the morning….
Btw I write this story cuz some reason, Haven’t you heard that writing your problem on paper then squeezing and throwing it can make you feel better? I do it, but in my own way :v in my own pashion, so I can read my old story when I grow up and face the same problem :v

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