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Hey, long time no post :v. It’s been awhile since the last story I published, which is a post of creations that I made with Adobe Illustrator(ReadNyiur Indonesia)
I was very busy(And actually still busy) cuz I have to choose where I have to study next. I have already decided it last week, and I will make a post of it in the next storySpoiler, I will go to the nearest senior high school from my home, of course ‘cuz I am to lazy to drive far
Back to topic, last day at midnight I published a video on my YouTube channel, I was very happy of it and I put a lot effort to make it, and I decided to share it on my blog as a story and a trailer on my Instagram

This is the video that I mentioned before…

I made it in Bahasa Indonesia cuz this is my first video, but next I will consider to make in English, for learning and distribution purpose without leaving the theme. the theme of my videos is about me, simple concept right? eaps 

Why I make this videos? Actually I don’t know, I have a lot better concept to make as video, but this is the easiest one(I still newbie and have limited tools, and help as well)
I started want to make video long time ago. And somehow in the night 3 days ago, the LED lamp in my bedroom suddenly dead. I ask my father for help to change the lamp, but we were to short to grab the lamp(The ceiling is about 3 meter above the floor)
And we decided to move a big table from dining room to my bedroom, the table is so useless, my family usually eat while sitting in front TV in living room
After some hardwork the table was finally inside my room, but before we change the lamp I played with the switch of the lamp and… fortunately, but annoyingly the lamp was turned on somehow
I already ensure that the lamp was dead, but somehow it live again, like a zombie ?. But it’s not zombie! not a zombie! imagining that a zombie is stuck above me when I sleeping below it make me feel scary and disgusted, in same time. But I bit curious about that experience
The lamp live again, but the table is really hard to move back to living room so I decided to keep it here(Even when it backs, no one will use it) and change the learning table that I usually use here
Now I have a big table in my room, and suddenly a bit inspirations goes to mind, I grab a standing lamp, smartphone, DIY lavalier mic, laptop and make script. Then I recorded it(My brother bothered me when I recording, but I ignore him) using the big table, everything I needed fit on there and I finished recording after 5 or 6 take, all I did in the midnight until 3 AM
Then I edit it in Adobe Premier, I edit the sound in Audacity but unfortunately the sound from my DIY lavalier mic is noisy, but thankfully the sound from the on board mic of my smartphone is not bad and I decided to use it
After 8 hours(Or maybe more) editing, with lot of rest I finished editing, I do a lot of cut to trying make my own video style, I finished the video! Yeay!!! I finished editing at 11 PM 19 July, rendering at 1 AM 20 July, and uploading at 1:30

And in July 20th I have to go to my Junior high school ,  ESABA to check the result, can I school at SMANICHI with achievement way? I don’t know, the announcement delayed until tomorrow
But just before I went home, I showed the video that I just published 6 hours before in YouTube to my friends and they are impressed, that motivate me to make more videos O.o
And in the miday, I got comment in my blog(Read: insomnia) from TienUPaynter that really motivate me to keep blogging. Ok so I have to keep blogging while starting vlogging… I accept the challanges

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