Lately, I feel so hard to wake up in the morning. Even when I setted up a lot alarm, I still hard to wake up
I started feeling this weird experience since two weeks ago. When I want to sleep, there must be a lot problems. I think, there are 2 main problems involved made me insomnia
The first one must be cuz I have a long holiday. And because of it, I was so lazy just to wake up(Even when not holiday, I still lazy to wake up). I usually wake up at 10 in the morning, 4 more hours than my school days
This 4 more hours make me so hard to sleep on time(About 11 or 12 PM in my daily schedule) and made me sleep about 4 AM, the worst thing about it is I can’t wake up at 6 and mess my schedule… CHAOS EFFECT
The second one is the starter of my insomnia, loud noise from my village hall. Actually, it’s not noise, but it loud cuz the village hall is so near my house). It is music(Bali traditional music, ngaben music) and command broadcast
The music itself is not noisy, yeah it is loud, but it still music, the problem of the music is the impression. Ngaben music is used ‘mostly’ in funeral, and in midnight I am to scare to just close my eyes
Btw I wrote this post in English(And next of my post) to improve my English, I’ve been not learn for 2 weeks and my English is deteriorating, even when I always listening English in YouTube, and of course I want to improve it
Btw most of my family don’t speak English, so if they read my blog’s post I will not get embarrassed :v

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