Everything is gonna be alright

Don’t worry Hari, everything is gonna be alright

Don’t be stressed out about those things that haunted your mind since it haunted you

I mean, it already happened several times, didn’t it? And you’re still going strong don’t you?

That time when you stressed out about going to a different junior high than your friends, remember it? You’re alright, you managed to make new friends right?

That time when you haven’t prepared anythin. . . Read more

Males nulis pake Bahasa Inggris lagi

Gak kerasa udah lebih dari setengah tahun gua nulis pake Bahasa Inggris di blog ini

^ and that’s it, ini post gua tulis di tgl 22 september 2019. Dan yang gua maksud sebagai “post” ya, cuma judul dan paragraf pertamanya aja :v

Gua baru lihat statistik jumlah post blog ini, dan ini hasilnya

Gua nulis BUANYAK banget artikel (284), dan sebagian besarnya mungkin gua tulis di first half tahun 2019 aja. Tapi lihat tuh draft, ada 168 post yang baru sekedar draft doan. . . Read more

Internet for my kost

I moved in to my kost at August 11th, this is my first ever time having a kost of my own

My grandfather have a kost of his own, not as a tenant (As I am now), but he actually an owner of a kost… yeah

When I was Senior High School, as you may know if you read this blog in this past, I usually went to Galih’s kost. In fact a lot of stories that I write in this blog, Galih’s kost have something to do with it

Like that one from November 2016, … whoa! writ. . . Read more

I love Weathering With You better than Kimi no Na Wa

So, as I said in yesterday’s post, I will write a simple review of the ani movie that is Tenki no Ko, or you may know it as Weathering with You, and no… it’s not going to be a comprehensive review in any way

In fact, I already forgot the name of the two main character 😂 Lemme google it

The title of the movie is Tenki no Ko in Japanese, which translated directly to English as the child of weather, but I guess Weathering with You is a way bette. . . Read more

Loneliness and feeling lonely

I feel so lonely today

Don’t get me wrong, I love loneliness, like I love being alone. I love spending time with me and myself, in fact I always did every day, I talk to myself every night, the biggest contributor to why I always sleep later

It feel really nice to talk to someone who is as smart and as stupid as you are. And who are the better candidate than you yourself

Majorprep have once said, that the final task (Whatever it’s called, I forgot) of a university is the best . . . Read more

Project Dwianjana machine learning data is now public


So much thing happening, so little update that I posted, I need to post my stories asap but I will probably just forgot it

And I just realized my latest update was in May, 3 months ago, and you now know how much effort that I put into this project

Yeah, I am really salty that all those effort that I put into this project, only got 4th place, seriously, compare to the other contestant, this is the best one, bias I might be, this is the most complex app there

I can make the apps they made e. . . Read more